The Life of a Pet
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The Life of a Pet

I believe that many people have had the experience of raising pets, and even for many people, pets have played a very important role in the process of growing up in them, these cute cats and dogs have been more than just pets so simple, it is an important member of many families.

But the life span of all things in this world is limited, the longer life span, such as the Greenland sleeper shark, with a maximum life span of 512 years. Our human life expectancy is much less than the Greenland sleeper shark, only 77 years, but in comparison, the daily company of our small dogs and cats are more short-lived, according to statistics, the average life expectancy of dogs is only 12-15 years, while cats can live to 17 years or more.

This leads to a stage in our life where we have to face the passing of our beloved pets, watching the pets that have been with us day and night for many years grow old little by little and eventually return to the arms of Meow Star Woof Star in their own arms, which is incredibly heartbreaking for any pooper scooper.

After our pets have passed away, we will inevitably think of the moments we once spent with them, remembering that they joined our family from infancy, grew up with us, played with us, and finally had to die before us.

Maybe their lives are very short in our eyes, but in their eyes, their lives are actually very full and happy.

(1)More time in the eyes of pets
Time is a very subjective and abstract concept, which is untouchable but perceptible. In order to visualize this concept, people have developed the current timing system according to their perception of time, but in fact, this timing system cannot represent other animals.

For small creatures like cats and dogs, time tends to pass more slowly because they are more sensitive and responsive to the passage of time, so that the same minute is perceived by them to be longer than the minute we understand.

Let's take flies as an example.

I'm sure we've all noticed that when we swat a fly, the fly always does a good job of dodging our movements. This is because the fly's perception of time is four times ours, which means that our one second is the fly's four seconds, and any movement we make is four times slower for the fly.

And such a principle also applies to other creatures, a study of animal time perception found that the smaller the animal, the more sensitive the animal's perception of time, the faster the response rate, relatively speaking, a day in their eyes will also be longer.

In dogs, for example, experiments have shown that dogs' perception of time may be 25-30% higher than that of humans, that is, our year has a full 521 days in the eyes of dogs, assuming that a dog has been with us for 15 years, then in our eyes, its life is only a short 15 years, while in its eyes, its own life is 21 years.

In the case of cats, the reaction speed of cats is even higher than that of dogs, and relatively speaking, time may pass more slowly in the eyes of cats than dogs.

(2)Clumsy giant in the eyes of pets
The perception of time is very subjective, so when we make some movements that we think are agile, they actually look slow and clumsy to our pets.

In fact, this is not difficult to understand, have you ever felt that when you are small, a day is a little longer than the adult day, this is our transmission of external stimuli is to go through the nervous system, the smaller the volume, the shorter the distance of signal transmission, the faster the signal transmission, and thus our reaction is more agile, the faster the perception of time.

At the same time, age is also a major factor affecting time perception, psychology has found a group of young people (19-24 years old) and a group of older people (60-80 years old) to time perception test, let them predict how much time it will take 3 minutes, the young people's estimated perception of 3 minutes in about 3.3 minutes, while the elderly spent 3 minutes and 40 seconds.This demonstrates that as the nervous system ages, time passes faster and faster in our eyes.

For pets, their life expectancy is generally short, so there are less obvious neurological aging problems, at the same time, the pets can be much smaller than the pooper scoopers, which makes the passage of time for pets, their eyes to be significantly slower.

If you are staring at the TV watching a comedy movie while laughing, in the eyes of your pet, you may be lying on the couch, staring at a slideshow of clumsy and long strange laughter. It's still quite bizarre to think about it differently.

(3)Your company is much longer than you think
After the death of a pet, we always feel that our companionship is not enough, and we feel that we should take our pets out for more walks, give them more delicious food, and spend more time with them to get a good night's sleep, but in fact, for pets, you have a lot more companionship for them than you think.

In your pet's eyes, every petting, every compliment, every companionship you give is as gentle and slow as the impression you make in their eyes.

From the pets just born into the world, just joined our family, we are the only reliance on their hearts, when they finally had to leave us, the heart has been retained in our everything, we do not feel excessive sadness for their departure, because every second with us together, every bit of happiness and joy, in their hearts are more profound, more long.

In fact, if you think about it, every pet in the long companionship of the owner through life is happy, in their subjective consciousness of the "long" life, do not have to worry about food and water, do not have to tangle with love and separation, and every day can stay with their favorite and only love people, until they sleep peacefully in their arms.

Faced with the death of a pet, please do not be overly sad, it returned to their own star with everything that belongs to us, until one day we will also meet again in some time and space with the memories that belong to them, right?

I hope every pooper scooper can leave a long, beautiful, and unique memory in their pet's mind!


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