Master these 9 methods, easy to make the home clean
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Master these 9 methods, easy to make the home clean

People who have a dog at home will basically experience one thing, dog hair flying all over the place, especially with Alaska, husky, border shepherd families, it is estimated that the hair falling off the dog can spell out a dog shape. But the people who have a dog, since the dog, intelligence is also followed by non-stop rise ah, is not the dog hair? There is always a way to solve it. GoldColin collated some common cleaning tips, see which are you are using.

1. Cover the furniture with a blanket or cover

Some owners like to cover their home furniture with a blanket or dust cover, so that when you really want to clean dog hair, you just need to take the blanket or cover off to clean it. Now there are a lot of custom ,according to the size of your home sofa custom a sofa cover cover, home and like a change of style, cleaning sofa cover is also relatively easy.

2. Desiccant

We are no stranger to desiccant, right. If you have a lot of dog hair at home, keep some desiccant, this thing can be an eye opener in the matter of cleaning up dog hair. Put the desiccant slightly wet, you go to clean up the dog hair on the ground, will find it very easy.

3. Tape

Sometimes when we want to go out, we find that the clothes we wear have been accidentally stained with dog hair, if there is a roll of transparent tape at home, this problem can be solved very well. With transparent tape in the body where there is a sticky dog hair, basically you can put these fine little lint to stick away. Sticky our own hair is just as effective.

4. Wipe the carpet before vacuuming

If the home is paved with carpet, usually embedded in a lot of dog hair, to clean thoroughly, you can first use a rubber broom on the carpet first gently sweep; if you want to remove the dog odor, you can use a little baking soda on the carpet, after 10 minutes or so before cleaning. It is important to note that because the carpet cannot dry quickly, so do not make the carpet very wet, which is easy to breed bacteria.

5. Wooden floor with a wet mop to clean

If the home is a wooden floor, with a wet mop to mop the floor, those dog hair, it is easy to be mopped to stick away. After mopping with a dry mop to dry the wooden floor to avoid water damage to the floor.

6. Upholstered furniture cleaning with wet sponge or rubber gloves

If you still find dog hair on some upholstered furniture (such as sofas), you can use a wet sponge or rubber glove to clean them up, dog hair will easily stick to the wet sponge or rubber glove. Including some hair can also be cleaned.

7. vacuuming direction cross to clean more clean

When we vacuum, do not just one direction to clean, can move back and forth, so that you can hide a lot of small hairs also to clean up. At the same time, we also need to check the filter of the vacuum cleaner often to see if it is blocked, and affect the normal operation of the vacuum cleaner.

8. Window squeegee can also clean the carpet dog hair

If you have a window scraper at home, you can not only remove the traces of the dog's nose printed on the window, you can also use it to remove dog hair from the carpet. Rub gently along the carpet, sweep a few times, you will find a large pile of dog hair.

9. Use a rubber broom to clean up hair in the bathroom/kitchen

If the home is paved with floor tiles, you can use a cleaning tool - rubber broom. If there is a lot of dog hair in these tiled areas of the kitchen and bathroom (for example, after the dog has had a bath, including after we wash our own hair), you can use a rubber broom to clean up a little, and you will find that the dog hair is quickly swept away.

Although we have thought of quite a few great tricks to clean up our dog's hair, it seems better if there is a way to make your dog shed less. What are some ways to help dogs shed less hair?

1. Help your dog to comb the hair.

In fact, every day to help the dog combing, not only can make the dog hair look smooth, remove some excess loose hair, and because combing hair can stimulate the hair follicles, the normal growth of hair can be better growth, but also to prevent the dog hair tangled. Some dogs are only combed once in a long time, because the hair is long and easy to knot, combing when pulling a lot of hair that would not have fallen out, serious may not open the knot can only be directly cut off.

Of course, to dog combing, we need to use a professional dog comb oh.

2. Regular bathing.

Regular bathing also helps to prevent dog hair loss.

3. Pay attention to a reasonable diet

Also pay attention to the dog's diet, to provide a nutritious diet to the dog, will also prevent it from excessive hair loss.

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